Meet the Pro – Raegan Bellick, Sunridge Golf Club

Raegan was born and raised in the Reno, Tahoe area where she graduated from McQueen High School in 1985. After studying abroad for a year and graduating from college in Santa Cruz, she began racing jet skis professionally and toured around the United States for several years. With a ranking of number two in the world, Raegan was able to compete, travel, and live all over the world. She retired in the early nineties and then became a serious freestyle skier in her home town of South Lake Tahoe. As an accomplished skier, she competed on a national level and represented both Heavenly and Squaw Valley ski resorts. After several visits with her orthopedic surgeon, she realized she needed to reinvent herself as an athlete if she wanted to remain active later in life. Golf seemed the perfect fit.

She entered the LPGA professional teaching program in the summer of 2014.  With the help of many friends and family, she was awarded her class A certification in February of 2017.

Because of her extensive and successful background in competitive sports, Raegan brings a unique blend of experience and compassion to her teaching program at Sunridge Golf Club. As someone who took up the game of golf later in life, she can say that golf is not only learnable at any level, but one of the most fun and rewarding sports she’s ever played.  Raegan’s current focus is to help in growing the game. Regardless of ability or socio-economic standing, golf is a game that the whole family can share.  In addition, it’s something everyone can do not only for the sheer enjoyment of it, but something that builds personal bonds and friendships for a lifetime.

From the first timer to club champion, she approaches each lesson with this thought in mind; golf is not brain surgery or rocket science, so let’s keep it simple and fun so students can be successful on their own. Knowing what to practice and how to practice empowers her students to be their own coach and gives students ownership of their improvements along the way.